Facts about Video Analytics Software

Video clips can be automatically analyzed by Video Analytics software to count people, identify license plate numbers, count people and many more things, in its most basic form; the technology is used for detecting motion.

How does Video Analytics software work?

Several surveillance cameras feature the functionality of a motion detection to conserve power. There are certainly more sophisticated Video Analytics systems that can even go a step ahead and are able to monitor traffic flow, loitering and monitoring abandoned objects. The reliability of this technology is much higher as compared to manually monitoring employees’ footage.

Why is Video Analytics software so useful?

The software has an ability to monitor live footage round the clock is that users can be alerted of loitering or abandoned items. Footage that has been pre-recorded can be searched quite fast for a particular license plate, face or event. The software can thus reduce the investigation time of the cops to a large extent. Surveillance footage may take several hours or days to get retrieved through traditional methods unlike the Video Analytics application, which can do the same job in only minutes. When the investigation time gets reduced, the probability of catching criminals increases.

Examples of other applications where it can be used

Video Analytics can be used by retail stores as a technique for creating an effective and to bust business process. For instance, as mentioned before the software can be used to count visitors in a shop and then a heat map can be created indicating where the foot traffic us most in a store as compared to the other parts as well as the sections that are getting less crowd.

Thus, a superior store layout can be created and also ascertain the times during a day that are the most visited to schedule. Additionally, Video Analytics software can also remove security guards against blocking the traffic or engaged in in-line tussles. It becomes easier for the security to tackle such incidents before they can pose bigger problems.

Since the software can detect crowds, loiterers, and abandoned items, the guards can be warned against possible problems and enable them to investigate further.

The iris recognition system compliments the video analytics software for use by security guards and personnel with regards to security investigation.

Video Analytics software can deliver the best performances if there is a high-resolution footage and thus the surveillance cameras should have a high definition with a very high resolution. Moreover, it is a costly affair to recruit workers just for the same of monitoring surveillance footage 24/7.