ERP and human resource planning

Human Resource Department

Various units come together to make an organization function successfully. Such units are called departments. Various departments are interlinked. Such as the manufacturing and packaging department are interlinked for a product after being manufactured needs to be packages in order to preserve it before delivery. Similarly the marketing and sales department are closely interlinked for without proper marketing, the sales of a product would dip and often the rate of sales determine the quality of the marketing that has gone behind a product.

There are departments that do client facing jobs and directly generate revenue. On the other hand there are departments that do back office works and ensures that the internal processes of the company are running smoothly. They are also equally important as if the company does not function at peace and if the employees are not satisfied the quality of the client deliverable will suffer. This will make the company lose its client and thereby adversely affect the growth of the company.

Human resource department is one of the fundamental departments in any organization. They are present in every company, irrespective of its size. The human resource department looks after the recruitment process, maintaining profiles of all the employees in an organization, internal finance like payroll and infrastructure costs, admin tasks, operation and many more. In short the human resource department deals with a lot of data of the company.


As the HR department has to store data from various units, it often takes the help of Enterprise Resource Planning Software. In this manner these data can be easily accessed and sorted in times of need. Thus human resource department and ERP software are closely interlinked.

Singapore has many companies functioning there. These companies have their human resource departments. Hence ERP software in Singapore is provided by many third party vendors. These ERP software in Singapore are of various kinds. They are a suite of applications that are running together or can be hosted on cloud where the internet is as a storage ground for all crucial information.

Any department that deals with data need an ERP system. As the human resource department collates and stores the data from these various departments, they need a unified platform where they can store these data and utilize them for making decisions at the right time. The ERP software helps with this function of the human resource department.