Queue management – a quintessential admin task in a company


In the world of business, just like any other tangible asset like chair, tales, computers even time is an asset. Many businesses falter because they fail to realize the importance of time factor. Effective time management is quintessential for a company’s growth and increasing productivity as well as profitability. Every few minutes can mean more more sales conversions and putting the company ahead of its competitors by gaining more market share. Likewise, every few minutes wasted is a cost to the company or a wasted opportunity that may be tantamount to even higher losses in the long term especially in a competitive industry. When queue management is not done properly, various stakeholders in the company may be affected, though some companies op to outsource this to commercial queue management solutions companies, such an intricate process and tedious process is best done internally and overseen by a internal head.

There are several reasons why time management is important in a corporate structure:

Planning ahead: there can be training programs conducted for time management that can train an employee to manage his or her time properly and set goals that are time bound. This way the employees can be kept driven and motivated.

Long and short term planning: setting goals is important. Another important task is dividing the goals into long and short term goals so that time can be managed even better. This will help to remain focused on the organizational goals.

Planning and controlling: planning and maintaining time-bound goals can make sure that you have full control over your career and the work you are doing. This ensures that employees can also cater to organizational needs.

Meeting deadlines: every business is deadline driven. Every project big or small comes with a deadline. One has to produce quality work within that deadline. Hence productivity and time management are intrinsically connected. Hence effective time management is needed for better productivity.

Work-life balance: in a corporate structure, we always tend to work for longer hours than what we had signed for. Hence hitting a work-life balance becomes a difficult task. However, having a proper balance between work and life is very important. Without this balance, gradually an employees productivity will get hampered.

These are some of the reasons why time management is important in a corporate structure.

Queue management and time management

The corporate spaces that are on a rise consist of large acres of land with tall buildings sprawling over a few hundred acres. These buildings are mostly multistoried high rises. Often one finds corporate hubs with several such buildings functioning in one corporate hub. In these high rises a proper system of lifts is an absolute necessity. Lifts are important because it is impossible to climb up stairs to such high floors.There are thousands of employees, everyday working in these buildings. Each building has offices of many companies. Many companies have dedicated staff who take care of queue management to ensure that their employees waste minimal time standing in queues. Queues in these office building are structured queues. In a structured queue people form queues in a structured and predictable position. Hence the admin team of any company can form strategies to ensure better queue management. Companies spend time and money on queue management as it ensures better profits in the long run as employees spend less time standing in lines outside lifts that can lead to better productivity. For management of these long queues outside lifts an effective needs to be in place.

The thing is when a company has poor queue management, employees are not the only stakeholders that are affected. Often, a more important stakeholder like customers are affected and the damage is done not just to profits but also to reputation.

As quoted in an article on queue managment systems by  SILICONES 

” Bored and frustrated customers can frequently leave a Service center with a negative opinion of the company. Not only will this reduce the chance that they will return themselves, but they might also tell friends and family of their negative experience, reducing the chance they will visit the same service center also.” 

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There are people hired in each company has to make sure a queue management system is in place in order to take care of the various important stakeholders and to minimize losses. These people have to devise ways to manage queues in offices. One of them is dividing the queue into twoone for each side of the lifts, so that the crowd can move simultaneously and there is lesser loss time. Secondly queues are divided as per lifts as some lifts only stop on some floors. This is a very effective queue management process as this way the lifts too can be utilized completely. This method is particularly handy during evenings when everybody is trying to avail the lift. To conclude, queue management to a company extremely important and should be managed and optimized since it can affect a company’s well being in terms of profitability and reputation.