How does ANPR works?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is innovative technology that enables enforcement authorities to detect the licence plate of a vehicle. This interesting camera helps the police monitor, control and fight crime in their respective cities. Let’s run through how this system works in detail.

Monitoring vehicles

The most important function of the ANPR camera with a access control system is that it enables the police to monitor and patrol the traffic smoothly during peak hours or rush hours. In this way, the vehicles run smoothly without any interruptions or jams. For example, if there is an ambulance coming from a distance, the ANPR camera takes the screenshot and sends it to the control room. Subsequently, the police are alerted and vehicles are also stopped to let the ambulance rush to the hospital.

Identifying the vehicle

However, if a driver crosses the speed limit or jumps a signal, then the ANPR is the first to spot this violation. The camera takes a snapshot of the vehicle and optically recognises the numbers on the licence plate. The number plate is matched with the database and the identification process about the owner of the vehicle is established.

Interestingly, the ANPR cameras are equipped with night vision, thereby eliminating any loopholes in the ANPR’s technological system. In addition, it can also recognise the number plate as per its colour – heavyweight car, transport vehicle, tourist vehicle or Government car.

Coordinating with external system

Once the ANPR captures the image of the suspecting vehicle, and enables identification, the police will get to work immediately. If there are sensors installed in the camera, then the control room will be able to effectively shut down the road based on the respective route taken by the offender. Alternatively, if the offender is speeding or stealing a car, then the system will give the patrolling crew a heads-up about the route of the offender. As a result, with the help of the ANPR interface, an offender will end up behind bars rather than spending more time on the road, scaring the other motorists.

Data collection

Another huge advantage of installing ANPR cameras at important locations is that it keeps recording images of vehicles. As a result, once it’s alerted of a violation, the ANPR interface will draw up all the details of the vehicle owner including the crime sheet, earlier violations, and number of speeding tickets. In effect, with just the first step of a licence plate alert by the ANPR, the police can control the crime on roads.

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