How Can A Self- Service Ticketing Kiosk Be Helpful In A Hospital?

There are an increasing number of patients who are realizing the benefits of a self-service ticketing kiosk. It does not signify that the hospital management and operation are being managed by these patients. It only indicates that they prefer to check into a hospital without any or little assistance from the medical administrators. Just like the portal technology, a ticketing kiosk can assist in streamline a hospital’s administrative tasks including hospital payment and registration. So, what is your take on the viability of installing a ticketing kiosk at the hospitals?

Below is a list of some of the major advantages of installing a kiosk at a hospital.

1. Reduced waiting time for patients

Ideally, the administrative staffs of any hospital have to record the information of the patients manually to know the right medical department, which can take care of the requirements of any patient. Such a process can be easily done with the installation of a self-servicing kiosk, it can make the check-in process simpler and faster. Verification of patient data can be easily done by swiping of an identification card.

An automated collection system helps reduce waiting time as well by collecting real time data for analysis.

2. Payment method becomes much easier

Medical expenses can be easily paid by the patients by keying in the relevant credit card data after swiping in at the kiosk. Such an electronic payment system can also check if a patient has any due medical balance and print out medical certificates and payments.

3. Reduced mistakes

Mistakes cannot be completely avoided in a manual system. When a hospital uses an electronic kiosk, it can help in reducing errors related to data entry that can be committed by some administrative staffs, use of a kiosk can also ensure that errors like duplicate medical data and consent forms can be avoided since this system can just send an alert to the staffs of the hospital that such a record us already existing in their electronic health record or EHR.

4. Costs get reduced

When hospitals install electronic kiosks, the expenses can come down at their facilities. When patients do self-check-ins at these ticketing kiosks, hospitals can save costs related to filling the forms, papers etc. and can also find out the information of a patient faster without going through cabinets and piles of bulky paperwork. Moreover, when self-servicing ticketing kiosks are installed in a healthcare facility, nurses spend less time on administrative tasks in their hospitals and can instead dedicate more time to look after their patients.

Thus, it is a cost-effective solution to implement an electronic ticketing kiosk at the hospital since the patients’ waiting time can come down drastically and staff has more time to take care of the patients.