Guide in Upgrading Your Point of Sale System

The payment technology and point of sale systems are evolving at a rapid state. It is very crucial for the business to ensure that their current equipment is updated. Before, the average lifespan of a traditional type of POS is about 8-10 years; however, recent reports show that it is now dramatically reduced to 3-4 years. With the evolving landscape, business owners want to make sure that they will keep up with these changes.

When to Upgrade Your POS System

There will come a time when your reliable POS software is no longer functioning properly as it used to be. Perhaps it is the time for you to upgrade your system in case you encounter the following problems.

In case you notice that the routine and regular procedure that youve been doing with your POS Singapore is starting to become time-consuming.

Checkout is eating up most of your time.

Items and price scanned are no longer accurate.

Payments are being delayed or sometimes rejected.

Failing payment authorization

All of the factors above can significantly affect your customer satisfaction level. Customers tend to be unpredictable. The moment they realize that they are not getting the quality of service that they need, they will start to consider their other options. Luckily, these are just common issues and can be easily corrected by upgrading your Point of Sales System. Most of the time, the problem with scanning can be addressed by updating the software. There are also instances that the scanner needs to be replaced. In the event that the payment processing has become a major issue, you may want to reach out to the original vendor and ask them if your electronic card readers should be replaced.

Cloud-Based POS System

While you are looking at the available upgrade for your POS Software, you may have stumbled upon the Cloud-based option of POS. A lot of companies in the retail and hospitality industry have shifted on this option. This system is allowing you to conduct the similar payment and ordering process with a use of a mobile or tablet device.

This cloud-based alternative can be managed conveniently with the use of iPhone and iPad application with updated or standard feature. Some of the features include account integration, gift-card processing, stock management, e-commerce integration and real-time ordering. In terms of its speed, a cloud-based POS can complete the authorization in at least 5 seconds. Another great feature of the cloud-based system is its security. Business owners who are looking for this latest security features especially on the electronic-card reader should consider this alternative.

In case you are experiencing minor issues with your Points of Sales system, a simple update on the software can apply a quick remedy to your problem. Upgrading your hardware on the other hand such as the mobile registers and the touch-screen monitors can advance the process of your business.