Emerging technologies

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Customer expectations are on a rise with people expecting a better experience with real-time responsiveness of the current mobile, analytics and cloud applications. The business to business customers are especially expecting high end products and services. They expect better technological interactions that are data rich and can be carried out through any channel. It is been proven through surveys that 74% of B2B buyers carry out a thorough research before they invest in any product or service, especially when they are buying online. It has also been proven that 34% of the B2B buyers shop online for their products.

ICT is the abbreviation for Information and Communications Technology – the information technology that stresses on combination of communication software with middleware and enterprise software that enable users to store data and also access and transmit it as ease and thus innovating the it infrastructure services offered . The ICT sector has seen relentless change ever since its inceptions. Companies who deal in ICT are constantly facing the challenge to innovative to not only understand the change but also to give shape to evolving technologies. Many tech companies come up with a disruptive intervention in the technological sphere setting a whole new trend in the market.

Emerging trends:

Some of the emerging trends that have been shaping the technological world are:

Internet of Things (IoT): IoT is surely creating better customer experience. By making use of sensors, actuators, network-captured data by using advanced analytics, IoT is making it easier to analyse customer behaviour and gauge customer demands.

Artificial Intelligence and CRM: artificial intelligence (AI) will bring about a revolution in the CRM sector. Customer facing software will see a major turn around with machine learning and data analytics.

Augmented reality: this is another technology trend that is shaping the market now. 3D visualization and augmented reality is giving a better shape to the finished product.

Cloud application: using smart technology like robots and autonomous machines is one the evolving foundations of the Networked Society that is all about spreading intelligence through cloud. Artificial intelligence, especially big data analytics, knowledge management and machine learning is helping a lot of progress in smart machines. Storing, computing and connecting systems are being shifted to a cloud platform that further enhances collaborations through robots and sensors.

These are some of the emerging trends in technology that will have an effect on all other sectors.

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