Cambridge to Use Cutting Edge ANPR Camera to Conduct Biggest Traffic Survey

The biggest traffic survey by Cambridge promises to improve the air quality and reduce congestion. The Greater Cambridge City Deal is supposed to commission this comprehensive survey in June this year to find out the latest trend of traffic. An independent team has been commissioned by the partnership to conduct this traffic survey for a period of seven days continuously in June during the university and school term time.

Aim of survey

This survey is dilated to assist the planners to understand ways of developing the transport network of Cambridge. The city is known to have more than twenty thousand vehicles moving in and out of it daily. So, the survey intends to offer information on the most recent trends related to the city’s flow of traffic.

The interim transport director of City Deal, Chris Turnstall shared the requirement of the survey and to bust proof with respect to their transport proposals. He mentioned that the said traffic survey results will be used for supplementing existing data. He felt that the data will definitely help them while assessing the future transport needs of Cambridge.

The traffic survey results will be also used to understand the origin of vehicle emission, vehicle emission, journey times and destination movements. Eventually, the survey data will be used for the purpose of travel planning as well as for identifying options for improving the quality of air.

Survey to use ANPR technology

This tragic survey is significant for another important reason. It will be using the sophisticated Automatic Number Plate Recognition or ANPR technology. The ANPR cameras will be collecting certain information, which will then be sanitized to remove any personal data. Thus, the outcome is expected to be completely anonymous so that specific vehicles or individuals will not be identified.

This data is also expected to be used for revising the traffic modelling system and access control system of the country that considers the seasonal trends. It is also expected that the survey results could be used along with certain other sources and also include the most recent traffic count.

The lead officer at Greater Cambridge City Deal for city access Hilary Holden mentioned that this survey is the biggest of its kind in the city of Cambridge and would come up with latest data on trends of traffic, the statistics along with certain other data will help the transport experts in planning a better transport network.

Residents of Cambridge can detect these ANPR cameras attached to the various dig post and lamps and also fixed to other city infrastructure like the bridges. Once the survey is over, these cameras are to be taken away.

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