How does ANPR works?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is innovative technology that enables enforcement authorities to detect the licence plate of a vehicle. This interesting camera helps the police monitor, control and fight crime in their respective cities. Let’s run through how this system works in detail.

Monitoring vehicles

The most important function of the ANPR camera with a access control system is that it enables the police to monitor and patrol the traffic smoothly during peak hours or rush hours. In this way, the vehicles run smoothly without any interruptions or jams. For example, if there is an ambulance coming from a distance, the ANPR camera takes the screenshot and sends it to the control room. Subsequently, the police are alerted and vehicles are also stopped to let the ambulance rush to the hospital.

Identifying the vehicle

However, if a driver crosses the speed limit or jumps a signal, then the ANPR is the first to spot this violation. The camera takes a snapshot of the vehicle and optically recognises the numbers on the licence plate. The number plate is matched with the database and the identification process about the owner of the vehicle is established.

Interestingly, the ANPR cameras are equipped with night vision, thereby eliminating any loopholes in the ANPR’s technological system. In addition, it can also recognise the number plate as per its colour – heavyweight car, transport vehicle, tourist vehicle or Government car.

Coordinating with external system

Once the ANPR captures the image of the suspecting vehicle, and enables identification, the police will get to work immediately. If there are sensors installed in the camera, then the control room will be able to effectively shut down the road based on the respective route taken by the offender. Alternatively, if the offender is speeding or stealing a car, then the system will give the patrolling crew a heads-up about the route of the offender. As a result, with the help of the ANPR interface, an offender will end up behind bars rather than spending more time on the road, scaring the other motorists.

Data collection

Another huge advantage of installing ANPR cameras at important locations is that it keeps recording images of vehicles. As a result, once it’s alerted of a violation, the ANPR interface will draw up all the details of the vehicle owner including the crime sheet, earlier violations, and number of speeding tickets. In effect, with just the first step of a licence plate alert by the ANPR, the police can control the crime on roads.

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How Can A Self- Service Ticketing Kiosk Be Helpful In A Hospital?

There are an increasing number of patients who are realizing the benefits of a self-service ticketing kiosk. It does not signify that the hospital management and operation are being managed by these patients. It only indicates that they prefer to check into a hospital without any or little assistance from the medical administrators. Just like the portal technology, a ticketing kiosk can assist in streamline a hospital’s administrative tasks including hospital payment and registration. So, what is your take on the viability of installing a ticketing kiosk at the hospitals?

Below is a list of some of the major advantages of installing a kiosk at a hospital.

1. Reduced waiting time for patients

Ideally, the administrative staffs of any hospital have to record the information of the patients manually to know the right medical department, which can take care of the requirements of any patient. Such a process can be easily done with the installation of a self-servicing kiosk, it can make the check-in process simpler and faster. Verification of patient data can be easily done by swiping of an identification card.

An automated collection system helps reduce waiting time as well by collecting real time data for analysis.

2. Payment method becomes much easier

Medical expenses can be easily paid by the patients by keying in the relevant credit card data after swiping in at the kiosk. Such an electronic payment system can also check if a patient has any due medical balance and print out medical certificates and payments.

3. Reduced mistakes

Mistakes cannot be completely avoided in a manual system. When a hospital uses an electronic kiosk, it can help in reducing errors related to data entry that can be committed by some administrative staffs, use of a kiosk can also ensure that errors like duplicate medical data and consent forms can be avoided since this system can just send an alert to the staffs of the hospital that such a record us already existing in their electronic health record or EHR.

4. Costs get reduced

When hospitals install electronic kiosks, the expenses can come down at their facilities. When patients do self-check-ins at these ticketing kiosks, hospitals can save costs related to filling the forms, papers etc. and can also find out the information of a patient faster without going through cabinets and piles of bulky paperwork. Moreover, when self-servicing ticketing kiosks are installed in a healthcare facility, nurses spend less time on administrative tasks in their hospitals and can instead dedicate more time to look after their patients.

Thus, it is a cost-effective solution to implement an electronic ticketing kiosk at the hospital since the patients’ waiting time can come down drastically and staff has more time to take care of the patients.

Cambridge to Use Cutting Edge ANPR Camera to Conduct Biggest Traffic Survey

The biggest traffic survey by Cambridge promises to improve the air quality and reduce congestion. The Greater Cambridge City Deal is supposed to commission this comprehensive survey in June this year to find out the latest trend of traffic. An independent team has been commissioned by the partnership to conduct this traffic survey for a period of seven days continuously in June during the university and school term time.

Aim of survey

This survey is dilated to assist the planners to understand ways of developing the transport network of Cambridge. The city is known to have more than twenty thousand vehicles moving in and out of it daily. So, the survey intends to offer information on the most recent trends related to the city’s flow of traffic.

The interim transport director of City Deal, Chris Turnstall shared the requirement of the survey and to bust proof with respect to their transport proposals. He mentioned that the said traffic survey results will be used for supplementing existing data. He felt that the data will definitely help them while assessing the future transport needs of Cambridge.

The traffic survey results will be also used to understand the origin of vehicle emission, vehicle emission, journey times and destination movements. Eventually, the survey data will be used for the purpose of travel planning as well as for identifying options for improving the quality of air.

Survey to use ANPR technology

This tragic survey is significant for another important reason. It will be using the sophisticated Automatic Number Plate Recognition or ANPR technology. The ANPR cameras will be collecting certain information, which will then be sanitized to remove any personal data. Thus, the outcome is expected to be completely anonymous so that specific vehicles or individuals will not be identified.

This data is also expected to be used for revising the traffic modelling system and access control system of the country that considers the seasonal trends. It is also expected that the survey results could be used along with certain other sources and also include the most recent traffic count.

The lead officer at Greater Cambridge City Deal for city access Hilary Holden mentioned that this survey is the biggest of its kind in the city of Cambridge and would come up with latest data on trends of traffic, the statistics along with certain other data will help the transport experts in planning a better transport network.

Residents of Cambridge can detect these ANPR cameras attached to the various dig post and lamps and also fixed to other city infrastructure like the bridges. Once the survey is over, these cameras are to be taken away.

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Facts about Video Analytics Software

Video clips can be automatically analyzed by Video Analytics software to count people, identify license plate numbers, count people and many more things, in its most basic form; the technology is used for detecting motion.

How does Video Analytics software work?

Several surveillance cameras feature the functionality of a motion detection to conserve power. There are certainly more sophisticated Video Analytics systems that can even go a step ahead and are able to monitor traffic flow, loitering and monitoring abandoned objects. The reliability of this technology is much higher as compared to manually monitoring employees’ footage.

Why is Video Analytics software so useful?

The software has an ability to monitor live footage round the clock is that users can be alerted of loitering or abandoned items. Footage that has been pre-recorded can be searched quite fast for a particular license plate, face or event. The software can thus reduce the investigation time of the cops to a large extent. Surveillance footage may take several hours or days to get retrieved through traditional methods unlike the Video Analytics application, which can do the same job in only minutes. When the investigation time gets reduced, the probability of catching criminals increases.

Examples of other applications where it can be used

Video Analytics can be used by retail stores as a technique for creating an effective and to bust business process. For instance, as mentioned before the software can be used to count visitors in a shop and then a heat map can be created indicating where the foot traffic us most in a store as compared to the other parts as well as the sections that are getting less crowd.

Thus, a superior store layout can be created and also ascertain the times during a day that are the most visited to schedule. Additionally, Video Analytics software can also remove security guards against blocking the traffic or engaged in in-line tussles. It becomes easier for the security to tackle such incidents before they can pose bigger problems.

Since the software can detect crowds, loiterers, and abandoned items, the guards can be warned against possible problems and enable them to investigate further.

The iris recognition system compliments the video analytics software for use by security guards and personnel with regards to security investigation.

Video Analytics software can deliver the best performances if there is a high-resolution footage and thus the surveillance cameras should have a high definition with a very high resolution. Moreover, it is a costly affair to recruit workers just for the same of monitoring surveillance footage 24/7.

Benefits of Having an Appointment Booking System

There are various general benefits that are associated with the use of appointment booking systems.

1.It is always available online and thus the customers can make their appointments 24/7 according to their convenience.

2.As these systems are more self-service it reduces the amount of time that the customer and employees spend on the phone.

3.Web-based applications don’t require any software to be installed, no servers or backups that can cause any worry.

4.Since it is a third party licensed service there is no need for you to have and maintain your own website and can just use the third party’s website.

5.It is great value for money.

Another major benefit of choosing to use an appointment booking system is that is can be customized according to your requirements and is a very flexible software. It can be used as a complete appointment booking system or it can be used as a simple online calendar. This option of customization of the system allows you to:

Make the application work in the same way your company does. Which helps to ensure that the appointments that are booked will always fall in the working hours of your company. You will also have complete detailed control over the information that is entered in the appointments and it also allows you to choose the individuals who get notifications when changes are made in these entries.

You can also choose who has access to the schedule and who is allowed to make changes to the schedule. You can also specify the timeframe within which the appointment can be cancelled.

You have access to the layout of the display of the appointment generation system, for example, you will be able to change the logo or the color to the logo and the color theme of your company and the display can be matched to the style of your company’s website. You can also set customized messages for the different informational dialogs. Due to this, your customers will not be able to realize that the appointment booking system is not your own website.

Finally, this application has helped integrate businesses with the appointment booking system. The company can download the overviews of the appointments into other applications such as MS Excel or Outlook so that this downloaded information can be easily shared within the company by direct mail.

Guide in Upgrading Your Point of Sale System

The payment technology and point of sale systems are evolving at a rapid state. It is very crucial for the business to ensure that their current equipment is updated. Before, the average lifespan of a traditional type of POS is about 8-10 years; however, recent reports show that it is now dramatically reduced to 3-4 years. With the evolving landscape, business owners want to make sure that they will keep up with these changes.

When to Upgrade Your POS System

There will come a time when your reliable POS software is no longer functioning properly as it used to be. Perhaps it is the time for you to upgrade your system in case you encounter the following problems.

In case you notice that the routine and regular procedure that youve been doing with your POS Singapore is starting to become time-consuming.

Checkout is eating up most of your time.

Items and price scanned are no longer accurate.

Payments are being delayed or sometimes rejected.

Failing payment authorization

All of the factors above can significantly affect your customer satisfaction level. Customers tend to be unpredictable. The moment they realize that they are not getting the quality of service that they need, they will start to consider their other options. Luckily, these are just common issues and can be easily corrected by upgrading your Point of Sales System. Most of the time, the problem with scanning can be addressed by updating the software. There are also instances that the scanner needs to be replaced. In the event that the payment processing has become a major issue, you may want to reach out to the original vendor and ask them if your electronic card readers should be replaced.

Cloud-Based POS System

While you are looking at the available upgrade for your POS Software, you may have stumbled upon the Cloud-based option of POS. A lot of companies in the retail and hospitality industry have shifted on this option. This system is allowing you to conduct the similar payment and ordering process with a use of a mobile or tablet device.

This cloud-based alternative can be managed conveniently with the use of iPhone and iPad application with updated or standard feature. Some of the features include account integration, gift-card processing, stock management, e-commerce integration and real-time ordering. In terms of its speed, a cloud-based POS can complete the authorization in at least 5 seconds. Another great feature of the cloud-based system is its security. Business owners who are looking for this latest security features especially on the electronic-card reader should consider this alternative.

In case you are experiencing minor issues with your Points of Sales system, a simple update on the software can apply a quick remedy to your problem. Upgrading your hardware on the other hand such as the mobile registers and the touch-screen monitors can advance the process of your business.

Take Your Business into the Future with the New POS Software in Singapore

There is no doubt that everything moves in a fast pace all around us. New technologies, innovative marketing methods are just a few of the things a business owner should have in mind. The pressure of becoming popular and modernized is present at all times. In order to be able to provide your customers with high-quality services, you need to have an excellent POS system. Without it, you are doomed to lose over other competitors who have already taking the next step.

Singapore POS System

In this demanding time period, where the customers options are endless, you have to be innovative and well organized in order to beat the competition. Now, you have the opportunity to install this software and improve the customers experience at once. By having a complete knowledge of the products you have, in your store, in the shelves, and in the warehouse, you can offer your customers the specific products of their request. Install this and minimize the risk of having unsold products whose existence do not know. No matter how demanding or big your store is, it will need only one POS Software in Singapore in order to organize your work.

An emenu in this case would be very useful as it can contain a myriad of options for customers to choose from.

Restaurants and Other F&B Stores

All modern F&B facilities use a POS software in order to organize their work. Employees can now offer a great service experience to the consumers, without risking making mistakes during the order process. POS systems have now the option of ordering your food directly, and reducing the queues as well as the waiting time. This software is also available in your mobile phone, for your own convenience. Feel free and tuned with your current needs by having all of your businesss information on the go!

Low-Cost Investment

It may seem like one of the expensive POS systems at first. However, when you consider all of the benefits of an efficient POS system, you will find out that it is a lot more inexpensive than any other computing system. Reduce your need in manpower by keeping all of your data inside this software. Make your customers life easier by enabling them to order everything they want online. Upgrade your business and become the most favorite and popular restaurant in town. You dont have to spend a fortune in order to transform your businesss identity.

This POS Software proposes to you is the best solution, to all your professional issues. All you have to do is invest in your businesss prosperity and learn with ease this new POS system. There is absolutely no risk and no reason to continue with the old, insufficient methods. Become the most modern, high-tech business and watch as the customers spread the word about your restaurant or caf.

A POS system is the perfect way to welcome the next generation in terms of service and computing systems!

What Are The Advantages Of Using ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning or erp software singapore is utilized for business process management . It includes company asset management like human resource and company performance and governance. Business intelligence is also a part of this software as it caters to various key aspects related to sales and customer relationship management. Another important strategically used factor is e-commerce which deals with production, supplier relationship management, and procurement. Lastly, the other factors like accounting, supply chain management and logistics are also looked after by this software.

ERP solution Singapore provides these facilities and much more to ensure that every businessman has a smooth sailing business at hand. The advantages of using the ERP software are as follows:-

1) Global integration the tradesmen no longer have to wait for a change of currency to transfer the money from the seller to the buyer in the case of international business. Contracts and documents can easily be converted to the businessmans native language, so clarity in contract, order, and sales is possible. As culture is different, the way of trading is also different. A new business relationship can be made with confidence as the documents are crystal clear for both parties.

2) One time work documentation needs to be done just once and the files can be saved for different purposes. Rather than filling out many forms for sales, tax payable and bank statement; once the information is fed into the computer software for any one of the above documents, it can be easily copied to the others. This also reduces the chances of delay or mistakes as details of the order or billing can be done immediately after the task is completed. Invoices can be issued on the spot to provide the customer a document of purchase. Vendors and experts who have provided services in the past can be contacted easily. This helps build a rapport and good relationships with past suppliers and customers.

3) User-friendly as this software is user-friendly, employees find it easy to operate which in turn results in an efficient work environment. The possibilities of error are less when the employees know how to use the software and in the case of mistakes, they can easily rectify it. The customization of the user interface provides the users only information that needs to be entered. Nonessential information does not have to be fed into the software.

ERP solutions ensure that the software can provide all the functions and requirements needed by the company.